Designer name tags for clothes

Give your children’s outfits a personalized, original touch with designer name tags for clothing. When you choose Petit-Fernand‘s 100% customizable name tags for clothes, you get a stylish, washer- and dryer-resistant way of marking clothing.

Mini-fashionistas in the spotlight

Irresistible outfits for your little ones!


Fashion trends for kids this summer!

Discover must-have pieces, on-trend accessories and key colors to create stylish looks.

Back-to-school highlights

Choose from classic, bohemian, sporty or rock pieces to dress your kids for back-to-school.


Christmas clothes and vacation outfits

Vacation outfits and Christmas clothes need to take context into account.

Little explorers, great learners

Children are curious by nature. They like to discover the world around them by observing, experimenting, manipulating, creating and questioning. Budding explorers develop skills that are useful for their academic and personal development.


Fun and creative activities

Get inspired to entertain and educate your children!

By taking inspiration from a number of children’s activities, you can keep them occupied while stimulating their creativity and imagination. Thanks to a selection of leisure activities adapted to different needs and ages, you can keep them intelligently occupied, whether outdoors or at home. The great thing about these programs is that they’re good for their development. It stimulates their curiosity, their desire to learn, boosts their self-esteem…

Development and well-being

Small minds, big discoveries

The parenting toolbox

Being a parent takes a lot of effort. Not only do you have to manage your children’s emotions, needs, behaviours and expectations, but you also have to take care of your relationship with your partner and yourself.

Fortunately, the Parenting Toolbox helps parents cope with stressful situations, such as resolving conflicts, refusals, crises, crying or fears. This solution represents a set of strategies, principles and techniques capable of promoting the well-being of parents and the harmonious development of young people. It includes: communication, discipline, positive reinforcement, active listening…


Theme rooms

Organized, playful spaces

Comfortable bedding

Sleep and your children's development

Sleep is essential to your child’s health and well-being, enabling them to grow and recuperate. Offer them bedding adapted to their morphology and needs to promote quality sleep.

Appropriate lighting

Well-being and comfort

An office corner

Comfortable, functional and attractive

A bazaar bin

Sort toys by category

The bazaar bin allows your child to organize his small toys. To help them get used to putting their things away in this dedicated basket or box, give them precise, age-appropriate instructions.